The Department of SystemEngineering – graduating department of Computer SciencesFaculty of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Scientific courses of the department

  • System analysis, modeling and optimization of complex socio-economic and technical systems.
  • Mathematical models and methods for structural-topological synthesis of territorially distributed objects.
  • Mathematical modeling and solving problems of combinatorial optimization in geometric design.

Head of Department

– Professor, Dr. Sc. (Technology) Igor Grebennik

There are 43 employees at the department, among them: 6 Doctors of Sciences, Professors (including 2 part-time); 8 University Professors; 11 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors; 1 Senior Lecturer; 2 researchers; 5 engineers.

The department trains specialists of three educational levels in two specialties:

Bachelor’s level

Specialty 122 – Computer Science, educational program Computer Science and Technologies;

Specialty 151 –Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies, educational program Systems Engineering.

Master’s level

Specialty 122 – Computer Science, educational program Information Engineering Technology and Systems Design;

Specialty 151 – Automationand Computer Integrated Technologies, educational program Computer Aided Control Systems and Automation.

PhD level

Specialty 122 – Computer Science;

Specialty 151 –Automationand Computer Integrated Technologies.


The Department of System Engineering has a branch in “Institute of Automated Systems” (IAS), which is a scientific and production base for practical classes of students. Head of the branch is Bronislav A. Kolesnik, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor.


At the Department were created and now working laboratories:

  1. Scientific laboratory “Administration Informatization Center”.

Scientific supervisor I.V. Grebennik, Dr. Sc. (Technology)

  1. Educational and Scientific laboratory “Modelling of Systems”.

Scientific supervisor V.G. Ivanov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), Professor;

3.       Educational and Scientific laboratory “System Design”.

Scientific supervisor Yu.V. Mischeryakov, Cand. Sc. (Technology), AssociateProfessor.


Postdoctoral studies in specialties:

01.05.02 – Mathematical modeling and computational methods;

05.13.06 – Information technology;

05.13.12 – Automation Design Systems.


The scientific secretary of the Specialized Academic Council D 64.052.02 advises on the issues of registration and submission to the council of theses on the following specialties:

01.05.02 Mathematical modeling and computational methods;

05.13.12Automation Design Systems.

Address: 61166, Kharkov, Nauka Ave, 14, SE Department, rooms 270, 272, 277, 264, 265.

Phone number: (057)702-10-06

e-mail: d_syst@nure.ua