Course plans

ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, 1 Credit ECTS = 30 hours.

1 course
Autumn semester Spring semester
Professionally-Oriented Ukrainian Language4 ECTS Foreign Language4 ECTS
Foreign Language4 ECTS Basics of Law2 ECTS
Mathematical Analysis6 ECTS Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry6 ECTS
Life Safety3 ECTS Physics6 ECTS
Discrete Mathematics5 ECTS Discrete Mathematics4 ECTS
Algorithmic Techniques and Programming6 ECTS Numerical Methods5 ECTS
Theory of Algorithms4 ECTS Object-Oriented Programming5 ECTS
2 course
Autumn semester Spring semester
Foreign Language4 ECTS Philosophy4 ECTS
Discipline of Choice3 ECTS Foreign Language4 ECTS
Probability Theory, Probability Processes and Mathematical Statistics5 ECTS Optimization Methods and Operations Research5 ECTS
Database and Knowledge Base Management5 ECTS Programming (.NET Technology)5 ECTS
Operating Systems and  System Programming5 ECTS Computer Design Technology5 ECTS
Computer Organization and Computer Architecture5 ECTS Cross-Platform Programming5 ECTS
Web Technology and Web Design3 ECTS System Modelling4 ECTS
3 course
Autumn semester Spring semester
Discipline of Choice3 ECTS Discipline of Choice3 ECTS
System Analysis5 ECTS Decision-Making Theory5 ECTS
Data Mining5 ECTS Computer Networks5 ECTS
Agile Methodology of Information System Engineering (Ajile)5 ECTS Information Systems Design4 ECTS
Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence4 ECTS Management of IT Projects5 ECTS
Discipline of Choice3 ECTS Discipline of Choice3 ECTS
4 course
Autumn semester Spring semester
Technology for Distributed Systems and Concurrent Computing5 ECTS Economics and Business3 ECTS
Discipline of Choice (1)4 ECTS Discipline of Choice (1)4 ECTS
Discipline of Choice (2)5 ECTS Discipline of Choice (2)5 ECTS