Online defense of Master’s theses at the Department of System Engineering

On May 23, at the Department of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, remote defense of master’s certification works began. Applicants for the second (master’s) level of higher education, who studied under the educational and scientific program System Design, presented the results of their research. All defended works are devoted to the analysis of modern problems in the field of computer science, all the results are interesting, contain research and opportunities for practical application.

Strictly following the quarantine rules, commission members and applicants participated in the event remotely. The whole process was provided organizationally and technically thanks to the coordinated work of the staff of the Department of Systems Engineering. But even the distance between the participants of the event did not prevent the creation of a warm, almost homely, atmosphere, interesting discussion and objective assessment of the work by the Examination Commission.

It is extremely gratifying to see how today’s graduates of the department have grown in professional and life areas and as a result have become the pride of the Department of Systems Engineering, the Faculty of Computer Science, and the University of Radio Electronics. There is no doubt that they represent the Alma Mater with dignity at the national and international levels.