Specialty 151 Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

Bachelor’s program of the System Engineering department “Systems Engineering”

Included in specialty 151 – Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies.

Systems Engineering (SE) is an interdisciplinary approach covering the design, construction, testing and operation of complex systems of technical and socio-technical nature.

The development of science and technology, the unprecedented progress of informatics, the globalization of the economy, call for the creation of increasingly sophisticated defense, educational, production, transportation, energy and other systems. In this regard, there is a need for specialists with knowledge of modern high technologies, who know how to ensure high quality of functioning of complex technical, cybernetic and organizational systems and maintain the competitiveness of products.

Since the absolute majority of modern complex systems are developed as software and hardware systems based on computer technologies, Systems Engineering is considered in indissoluble unity with Software Engineering. However, SystemsEngineering tis considered as a discipline that lays and describes the key principles of organizing the management of activities to create systems of any scale and purpose, develops methodology and means for managing the life cycle of complex systems, creates principles and tools for their development. At the same time, the key task is the software implementation of higher-level system solutions.

Bachelor on the Systems Engineering specialization can

  • develop and maintain Computerized Systems designed to manage technological processes, technical objects and business systems;
  • develop hardware for Computer-Integrated systems based on modern microcontrollers;
  • develop software for Automated Control Systems using modern Information Technologies, control theory and decision-making, advanced programming technologies and artificial intelligence methods.

A graduate with a degree in Systems Engineering can work

  • specialist in Control and Automation Systems in modern enterprises;
  • programmer, a specialist in computer systems and networks;
  • software quality assurance specialist (QA Engineer);
  • coordinator and manager of IT projects.