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The department System Engineerring is training students in two specialties: 122 Computer Science and 151 Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies, educational program Systems Engineering. Students study compulsory general educational disciplines of humanitarian and socio-economic training, natural-science training, professional and practical training. The bachelor’s program, designed for 4 years of study, includes such disciplines as Discrete Mathematics, System Analysis, Object-Oriented Programming, Database and Knowledge Organization, System Modeling, Web Technologies and Web-design, Operating systems, Computer networks, Management of IT-projects, etc.

Students study:

  • programming languages C# .NET, VB .NET, C++, Java, Object Pascal, Assembler, Lisp, Prolog, and others;
  • organization and application of operating systems Windows, Unix, Linux, Macintosh;
  • tools for developing MS Visual Studio, Sun Java Studio, CodeGear Studio, C ++ Builder, and others;
  • Database Management System MS SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, InterBase, MySQL and others;
  • network protocols and HTML markup languages, XHTML, XML, VRML, etc .;
  • web development technologies: ASP .NET, JSP, PHP, etc .;
  • computer networks;
  • computer graphics and animation of AutoCAD, Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc .;
  • information protection.

Beginning from the 3rd year, the CT department offers students cycles of disciplines in their specialization, which include “Object-oriented analysis in system design”, “Service software architecture”, “Internet technologies for distributed information processing”, “Information technologies for reengineering”, ”Specialized Databases“, ”Models and Means in Project Management of SUA“, etc.

Theoretical training students combine with the implementation of practical assignments and projects in student circles “Development of visual design tools”, “Development of algorithms and software for solving problems of structural synthesis and analysis of geographically distributed systems”, “Design of training systems”, as well as at the branch of the department in PrAO “Institute of Automated Systems” (IAS) (General Director – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Prof. B Kolesnik).