Become an IT specialist with us!
Design, program, improve English


Learning in English

Choose to study professional disciplines in English, improve your skills by listening to lectures and communicating in practical classes


Practicing teachers

Learn from professionals with practical experience in IT companies


Partnership with the Kharkiv IT cluster

Take part in trainings and workshops from members of the IT cluster and practice on real IT projects


Ability to choose your specialization

Get knowledge of basic subjects and choose disciplines that interest you: graphics, design, programming, working with databases


Work with innovative IT projects

Start your own startup, or work in a company in the following positions:

Three levels of higher education in the specialty
122 Computer science

Bachelor level

The first level of higher education
Educational and professional program "Computer science and technology"

Master level

The second level of higher education
Educational and scientific program "System design"
Educational and professional program "Information technologies design"

Doctor of Philosophy

The third level of higher education
Educational and scientific program "Computer Science"