Specialty 122 Computer Science

Bachelor’s Educational Program “Computer Science”

The generalized object of the graduate’s activity in the field of Computer Science is the design and development of Information Systems and Information Technologies using system analysis methods, algorithmic programming languages, decision-making and optimization theory, systems development technologies at all design stages.

The purpose of the training is to train specialists able to apply mathematical models and methods, algorithmic languages in modeling, designing, development and maintenance of Information Systems and Technologies; to realize the development, implementation and maintenanceof intelligent systems for analysis and data processing in organizational, technical, natural and socio-economic systems.

Graduates on the Computer Science specialty can

  • analyze the object of development, formulate the requirements for the system, develop the specifications of the information systemcomponents;
  • choose a model of the life cycle of the system and apply modern design technologies at all its stages;
  • to design and model business processes, components of Information Systems, information support using CASE-tools;
  • choose and transform mathematical models of phenomena, processes and systems for their effective hardware and software implementation;
  • implement and test software components;
  • develop a human-machine interface using Web Technologies and Mmultimedia.
A graduate with a degree in Computer Science can work
  • Business analyst;
  • Computer Systems Analyst;
  • IT projects Manager;
  • developer of information systems: systems architect, Java, C ++, C #, PHP developer;
  • Specialist for Quality Control, Quality Assurance;
  • MySQL, Oracle databases developer and administrator;
  • System Administrator;
  • Specialist in operation and maintenance of software;
  • WEB-specialist.