Welcome to the official site of Department of System Engineering

If you are student of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KHNURE) or you are going to be a student, this publication is intended exactly for you.

System Engineering is scientific area which investigates problems of planning, functioning and development of complex computerized information and control systems based on system analysis approach.

System Engineering allows to define and explain the method of action of any system.

The department trains specialists of three educational levels in two specialities:

  • 122 – Computer Science
  • 151 – Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

Bachelor’s level

Master’s level

  • Speciality 122: Computer Science, educational program Information Engineering Technology and Systems Design;

  • Speciality 151: Automationand Computer Integrated Technologies, educational program Computer Aided Control Systems and Automation.

PhD level

  • Speciality 122: Computer Science;

  • Speciality 151: Automationand Computer Integrated Technologies.

Scientific courses of the department:

  • System analysis, modeling and optimization of complex socio-economic and technical systems.
  • Mathematical models and methods for structural-topological synthesis of territorially distributed objects.
  • Mathematical modeling and solving problems of combinatorial optimization in geometric design.